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Kurt Paulsen


Kurt's Story

Growing up in Iowa, Kurt was raised in a rural farming community where he was heavily influenced by his dad and uncles who worked in farm equipment repair and owned a used auto dealership. At a very young age, Kurt learned the ins and outs of fixing farm machinery and the true value of running a successful operation. He went to more auctions than he can count with his dad. Negative 20 degrees or 120 degrees, they rarely missed a weekend. He loved listening to the auctioneers and knew that one day he’d grow up to be one himself. At the age of 8 years old, Kurt made his first sale with a pair of front fenders for a John Deere tractor and earned himself fifty dollars.

Prior to starting Paulsen Auctions LLC, Kurt worked for an esteemed diesel injector pump business before going out on his own and building his own diesel repair shop from the ground up. Kurt has a reputation for being the best in the tri-state area and his customers hire him because of his attention to detail, a wealth of knowledge in the industry, friendly demeanor, and his passion for overhauling diesel engines.

Kurt has experience re-marketing everything from farm equipment, heavy equipment, semis, and parts. Since 2016, he has heavily dealt with used tractor re-marketing overseas and has a large clientele in Egypt. After years of equipment sales and practicing his auctioneer chant, Kurt enrolled in the Continental Auctioneers School and earned his certification.

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